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An Environmental Show for Children’s Parties and Events.

An environmental show that is funny, engaging, and will have children laughing and having fun for a whole hour, with a gentle message about how we can look after our environment.

It is quite a challenge to create an environmental show with an eco friendly theme that isn’t laboured and keeps children interested whist learning and laughing at the same time, but this show does just that.

Green Themed Entertainment for Children

Environmental Show - Green Themed Shows for Children

We need to protect our environment from unnecessary development

It’s a green themed show suitable for birthday parties, schools, and environmentally orientated events that can be adapted for particular events. It lasts about an hour, and tells the story of a forest where tall trees grew, bids sang, and bunny rabbits ate the grass that grew between the wild flowers. Then one day the Grabbers came and cut down the trees, trampled on the flowers, and ate all the bunny rabbits! Then they built a factory to make things that we don’t really need that we can’t resist buying – singing toothbrushes, smart toasters, and plastic thingies that don’t have any use at all. Next they destroyed a meadow to build a food factory to spoil all the good food and put it into boxes on a supermarket shelf – with a label proudly stating ‘This is good for children’s health.” But of course it isn’t good for children at all – it’s junk! Next they want to build a fizzy drink factory, and unless we do something about it, they will come and build it somewhere where you like to play …

An Environmental Show for Children and Schools

And so the environmental show begins as Professor Paradox tries to think of ways to stop the Grabbers from destroying the environment. Of course it all goes wrong, the professor ends up looking very silly, and everyone has lots of fun. In the end it turns out that there is only one way to stop the world being destroyed and that is to stop and think, and not buy useless consumer junk that we don’t need, and eat proper food that hasn’t been processed in factories: Funny green themed entertainment for adults and children of all ages.

Environmental show for children

Professor Paradox takes the children on an adventure in his Environmental Show for Childen

Featuring Penelope the magic bunny rabbit, the Ridiculous Rainbow spell and the Recycled Can-can dance, this show lives up to the Professors standards of inspired sillyness as the audience is taken on an adventure to defeat the Grabbers and save the world from destruction. Storytelling, magic, and comedy combine to create a serious but simple message, in a silly but thought inspiring environmental show for kids.

Let’s work to save the world from destruction!

”I thought the Curse of the Grabbers was educationally relevant and simply but expertly performed. More importantly the young audience were totally engaged and clearly enjoyed this thought provoking piece of work. I recommend it highly”

J C Struthers – Director of the Institute of Contemporary and Interdisciplinary Arts,  University of Bath

‘I haven’t laughed so much for years, and the children absolutely loved it!’  

– Parent

‘Absolutely brilliant – every child should see this show. It’s a rare treat to see something that is so funny and makes a serious point’ 

Primary school teacher

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