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Pirate Party Food for Children’s Pirate Parties

Pirates are a hungry bunch and the pirate party food had better be good so here are lots of ideas for food for children’s pirate parties. It isn’t difficult to serve good healthy food that children will want to eat, it’s just a matter of presenting it in the right way

Pirate Food Starters

Pirate Party Food - Food for Children's Pirate Parties

Bogie Dip? Snot and Slime Surprise? It’s avocado and very good it was too!

Bogie Dip
My particular favourite because I love avocado and a few bowls of Cheesy Scabs (cheese ‘n’ onion crisps) There are even some crunchy snacks that look like they could be fried maggots. Tasty!

Scorpions eyes?
Cherry tomatoes of course

Seafarers Sandwiches
Tuna or salmon mashed with salad cream sprinkled with chopped lettuce are ‘Squid and Seaweed’, or ‘Octopus’, or ‘Shark Sandwiches’.

Seagull eggs or parrots eggs
Small eggs hard boiled with some food colouring in the water to colour the shells. And egg mayonnaise can be just about anything you like, especially with green food colouring in it: anyone for sea slug sandwiches?

Gone-Off Sour Milk
Is Cottage cheese which of course is actually gone off sour milk, but don’t tell the little darlings, This is real Pirate Party Food!

The Professor Paradox book of Pirate Party Games

You’ll need this too – The professor Paradox Book of Pirate Party Games. Click on the image to find out more

Fried Fingers
Sausages can be Fried Fingers, Pirates Porkers, or Buccaneers Bangers, and if you do hot dogs, just pop in a cocktail stick with a paper sail on it, and you have Sausage Ships, or is that Ships Sausages, or maybe Sea Dogs. And of course Chiplotas are Shipolatas

Desert Island Slug in a Bun
Yes it’s another sausage variation, and talking of sausages they make a good slug in a bun with blood sauce, and you can save a fair bit of work and mess by using the tinned ones that you boil rather than frying them

Seagull Legs or parrots legs
are chicken drumsticks

Castaways cutlets
those horrid deep fried chicken or turkey mince things that are so vile pirates wouldn’t eat them but children seem to love them!

Rat Burgers with Blood Sauce

Pirate Party Food - Food for Children's Pirate Parties

Rat Burger? Dog Burger? Call it what you like – plenty of lettuce and tomato makes it healthier but Pirates always want ketchup too

Sounds more appealing than burgers and ketchup, and in truth it’s probably a healthier option. If you really want to go for rat burgers, serve an ordinary burger with a tail sticking out – a bit of spaghetti will do the job. If you’re not too keen on the disgusting, you can always go for Buccaneer’s Burgers.

Crab Sandwiches
More for the groan ups,  just make some crab sandwiches – they’ll enjoy the joke.

Pirate Pizza
Did you know that the word Pizza is derived from ‘Pirates Eatssa Anything’ – a popular expression among Spanish and Italian Pirates? Well you’d be wrong cause we just made that up, but serve pizza and get the little pirates to suggest what all that topping consists of. See who can come up with the most disgusting ideas, and prepare to be really impressed!

Pirate Birthday Cake
adbanner-447Unless you are an expert, a Pirate Ship Galleon Cake is going to be a challenge. The easiest option is a Treasure Island which hardly needs explanation – you make a flat cake then chop it around a bit to give it an irregular shape, Ice it and draw a treasure map on it with food colouring. You could even bury a few bits of treasure in it, but be careful about breaking teeth.

Another option is a Pirate Treasure Chest cake: Simply use a loaf tin to bake an oblong cake with a rounded top then decorate it to look like a chest – easy!

When it comes to pirate party food,the cake is the one thing that matters so it is worth thinking about buying one.

Puddings for Pirates

 Crunchy Scorpion Cakes

A real pirate delicacy by all accounts! You’ve made them before, its the one where you melt chocolate in a pan and bung in a load of rice crispies, and let dollops of the goo set. Takes about five minutes and children will always eat them.

 Rat Poo Cakes
That Long John Silver was a rascal – pity they didn’t have Jamie Oliver on board – anyway, Rat Poo Cakes are chocolate brownies, especially the choc chip ones so you have nice solid lumps of rat poo to bite on – very popular! And if some of the crew are a bit squeamish you can have some more chocolate brownies with fairy dust sprinkled on the top.

Jamaican Ginger Cake
Sounds like real authentic pirate food and the great thing is you can just buy it at the supermarket

Fish Eyes in Blood
is green grapes in a bowl of sloppy red jelly

Pirate Party Food - Food for Children's Pirate Parties

Chopped Sea Slug, Sea Snails, Rats Tails and Seaweed – The best of healthy Pirate Grub

Blood and Guts
is chopped fruit in red jelly and you can serve it with a topping of parrot poo which is of course any off-white ice cream with bits in eg toffee and nut. – Delicious!

If you’ve gone for the romantic option call it Tropical Surprise from the Wild Islands or Treasure Island Fruit salad or Tropical surprise.

 Pirate Nibbles

Rat Poo Chocolate coated peanuts and raisins – tasty food for any pirate party

Dead Man’s Fingers
Carrot sticks are not the most popular with children, but dipped in blood, bogie dip, or turtle pate they can become delicious so a selection of dips suitable for pirates and seafarers are always popular.

Ships Biscuits
The staple food on board any ship, Pirate or not. You could try serving dog biscuits, which are quite similar, but some children would probably eat them, so best to stick to ginger biscuits. And the deluxe ones could have a chocolate topping – children will fill in the details on that one!

Pirate Drinks
Ginger Beer (or cola) makes good GROG, just about anything could be RUM as hopefully none of the children know what real rum tastes like – if you have two different soft drinks they can be Caribbean Rum and Jamaica Rum, and how about BILGE WATER? It sounds disgusting so children will love it. It’s the water that collects in the very bottom of a ship, and contains everything nasty that gets washed down there. Any cloudy fruit juice mixed with water, or cloudy lemonade works perfectly, with maybe some crushed tropical fruits (Kiwi, banana, strawberry etc) to make it look disgusting will go down well, and it is cheaper and more healthy than the traditional fizzy junk.

None of this needs any more preparation than any other party food, but children will enjoy the game of eating rats and blood.

Princess Party Food

Don’t forget the princesses – they might want something more refined and I’m sure you can think of something – I’ll put up some ideas when I have more time – got to do a show for some pirates next …

 Real Pirate Food

Food was a problem for all seafarers in the days of sail. The first week after leaving port pirates ate meat, vegetables, cheese and bread. But before long it was mouldy, rotten, and often full of maggots. Is this the origin of calling food Grub? The only thing that didn’t spoil was hard tack – a ships biscuit that was probably similar to dog biscuits. Yummm…….
When Squire Trelawney and Dr Livsey set sail for Treasure Island in the ship the Hispanola, they took on board one Long John Silver as ships cook. He turned out to be a rebel and a pirate, who wanted to steal the treasure for himself, and if you want to know the rest you should read ‘Treasure Island’, a great story that is still in print after 100 years.

Who knows what pirate party food Long John served for the crew, pork and brandy by all accounts, although that is hardly suitable fare for a pirate party …
Even the hardiest pirate would get pretty fed up with tack, but you could substitute Jamaican Ginger Biscuits, Ships Biscuits, Landlubbers Longbread (remarkably similar to shortbread), and presumably pirates had chocolate biscuits for special treats.

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