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Pirate Party Games for Pirate Themed Children’s Parties.

Original Pirate Party Games for  Children’s Pirate parties – all you need to organise the best ever Pirate Themed birthday party.

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The Professor Paradox book of Pirate Party Games

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You’ve got a whole crew of swashbuckling pirates, not to mention the odd princess. They are all excited, and you are going to have to organise some suitable pirate party games, but fear not, and never underestimate a child’s imagination. Games for pirate parties can be adaptations of traditional games, and there is the advantage that everyone already knows how to play them: they just need to be adapted into Pirate Games for children.

If you want something more exciting and original, then allow me to suggest the Professor Paradox Book of Pirate Party Games: Loads of original ideas, great games, and pirate lore to keep you and the little sailors entertained.

Pirate Themed Traditional Party Games

 Captain Says

A straightforward adaptation of Simon Says. An adult, or one of the children, is the leader. The leader tells everyone what to do; Captain says run on the spot, Captain says hands on heads, Captain says swap places with the person next to you, etc. Occasionally the leader misses out ‘Captain says’ – anyone who does the action is out.

Freezin Pirates

This is musical statues in pirate gear and it works much better if you use pirate music. If you want to burn off a bit of energy don’t be too quick turning the music off.

 Treasure Hunt

Simply hide pieces of eight (chocolate coins) around the room hall or garden, or do something more elaborate with clues and a treasure map. Don’t make it too difficult or some children will get bored and drop out.

Seasick Sailors

A game for slightly older pirates that the boys will love. Sit the children down facing a chair. Each Pirate gets a turn to go round the back of the chair and face the audience. He or she holds the back of the chair as if it is the rail of a ship, and sways around as if on a ship, then pretends to be sick over the side. How delightful, but some children will enjoy the opportunity for realistic throwing up acting, and this is all good practice for wood be Hollywood stars. And don’t forget that some of the princesses will want to join in too – this isn’t just a Pirate Party Game. A prize of course for the most realistic!

Treasure Islands

Pirate Party Games for pirate themed parties

A few pirate flags help to create atmosphere

An adaptation of musical chairs – place non-slip mats or sheets of paper on the floor and call them Treasure Islands. Swim in between and splash for an island when the music stops. Only one pirate on each island, and of course you take one island away each time

Pass the Booty

With suitable pirate themes is an easy adaptation of pass the parcel but if you have a look at the pirate party games book, you’ll find a much better version.

One Leg Jake

A short simple game – see who can stand on one leg with hands on hips the longest without overbalancing. Fairly easy – now try with your eyes closed! Last man (or girl) standing is the winner

Walk the plank

A pirate game for younger children. Place a sturdy, but fairly narrow, plank of wood on a couple of bricks to raise it above the floor. Pirates have to walk the plank without overbalancing. Fairly easy, now try it with an eye patch on. Still easy, now with hands behind your back…. A prize for everyone who makes it to the other end.

Captain’s Coming

Pirate Party Games for children's pirate parties


This Pirate Party game is a variation on Captain Says. The room (needs to be a hall) becomes a ship, the front end is bow, the rear is the stern, port is the left side and the other starboard. The leader shouts locations and the children all have to run to the right place. Now add in other commands: boom coming over – lie down; sharks – freeze; captains coming – stand to attention and salute, man overboard – lie down and swim; man the lifeboats – sit down and row.. Add more variations as you go along cannonball – roll up in a ball etc. Next introduce the rule that after sharks (freeze) everyone stays frozen and all other commands should be ignored until the leader says ‘Captains Coming’. Anyone breaking the rule is out.

 Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate

A pirate version of pin the tail on the donkey. You’ll need a cardboard cut out pirate obtainable from party shops and you can pin on an eye patch,  hat, pistol, sword or anything you like. A beard can have amusing results for the watching adults!

And how about a ‘Talk like a pirate’ competition: with a suitable pirate present for the winner? For some reason pirates talk in a broad Somerset accent and say oooooh aaaarrrgh a lot!
And when you’ve done that you can follow it up with a ‘Talk like a Parrot’ competition – maybe the winner gets a bag of birdseed (perhaps nuts would be more appealing)

Don’t forget you’ll need lots of pirate prizes but stickers and chocolate coins will do just fine.

 The Very Best Pirate Party Games

The Professor Paradox book of Pirate Party Games

The professor Paradox Book of Pirate Party Games . Click on the image to find out more

Now these are a few basic examples, but if you want to some really good Pirate Party Games, you’ll need the Pirate Party Games Book, for which you will need to part with a very small amount of treasure. I used to give this stuff away for free, but after I put this site up about twelve years ago, I just got fed up with my ideas being pirated and ending up on other people’s websites. So I wrote a really great book of Pirate Party Games with  over three dozen games, many of them new and original, along with Pirate lore and history and even explanations of the educational value of Pirate Party Games and how they came to be invented. Click the image for more details.

Or you can preview the book here

Pirate Party Games Extract


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