pirate party ideas

Pirate Party Ideas
Tips for Pirate Themed  Parties for Children

Pirate themed birthday parties are really easy, so welcome aboard, to learn some pirate party ideas and tips for the best pirate themed birthday party ever.

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Pirate Parties are Really Easy!

Ideas and tips for a pirate party

Welcome aboard for the best pirate themed birthday party ever!

First thing is not to worry as there is no easier themed children’s party than that of Pirates and Princesses. Most children will already have a costume from the last party, along with all the necessary swords, pistols, eye patches, scars, bruises, and well practiced piratical behaviour. And if you are short of a costume, it can be purloined easily and without parting with too much treasure, or you can easily make one. Pirate food is easy too, loads of information about that here – pirate party food – and you don’t have to worry about  games either because you can read all about that on the Pirate Party Games page.

One of the reasons a pirate theme is so easy is that children really get into character and they know what to do – they fight! Children are not short of Pirate Party ideas and will quite happily charge around having sword fights for half an hour or more which leaves you with very little to do apart from preventing them from actually killing each other. Some of the girls will come as pirates, others will be princesses, and girl pirates can be the fiercest of the lot, so keep an eye on them. Also insist that only see-through eye patches can be worn – you don’t want children charging about wielding weapons with half their vision obscured: even plastic swords can hurt, and children do bump into things. As for the princesses, they’ll be happy standing around lookin’ pretty.

 Create a Pirate Party Atmosphere

Ideas and tips for a pirate party

The incredible, iindispensable, and really rather sensible book of Pirate Party Games. click the image for details

The more you create an atmosphere, the more the children will get into it. Decorate the hall according to your time and budget, but keep an eye on the spending. A couple of large pirate flags are good as you can use them again and take them on holiday; hang them on a windbreak on the beach, or on the tent when you set up camp. Bunting and balloons are inexpensive (don’t forget the pink ones), but you can get carried away with the throwaway stuff: Do you really need to spend a lot on gaudy over-priced themed plates and cups, or themed booty boxes and party bags? It is better to spend the money on a good entertainer and some proper food, than bothering about plates. Try some original Pirate Party ideas – children love eating food served from newspaper lined with kitchen roll as its far more fun and pirate like. They are going to eat it with their grubby fingers anyway! Sausages or fish and chips are even better in newspaper – just remember to make them wash their greasy mitts afterwards!

Pirate Party Music

Getting the music right is really important. Any old pop music just won’t do, and it makes the children hyper and more difficult to control. The best, easiest and most cost effective way to create a pirate atmosphere is to play the right music: Sea Shanties or Pirates of the Caribbean can be good. I reckon the best Pirate Party Music is ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ which is readily available and a good investment.

 A Good Pirate Party Entertainer
Ideas and tips for a children's pirate party

Ere be me doin’ me scary pirate face – trouble is kids say it ain’t a bit scary. No pleasin’ kids these days …

A good entertainer makes life easier. Always talk to them on the phone and get a sense of whether they are right for your children – they vary a lot! Also find out if they are working as an individual. Some entertainers sound like an individual but are actually party of a franchise and just do it as a Saturday job to earn a bit of extra cash. Make sure you know who you are getting. Ask around and get recommendations, and find out how long they have been doing it. Chances are if they have been doing it for ten years they are probably good. Also ask them what they do for their day job – it might give you some insight into who you are getting.

It’s a good idea to play a knock out game before a show then as children are ‘out’ they can go to the loo, or the heads as Pirates call it. And when you play a knock out game with younger children, have a very small prize for being out – a pirate sticker does the job nicely.

Pirate Party Bags

In my humble opinion these are the biggest waste of money of all! They are time consuming to make, expensive to buy, and most of the stuff gets thrown away. Far better to give each child a book – there are loads of pirate activity books, books of pirate party ideas, and pirate stories that cost far less than a party bag, and bring a lot more enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be pirate themed, and you can bulk buy a box of books that work out at around a pound each.

 Pirate and Princess Party Costumes

Costume and accessories are not expensive, or you can just make them.  A striped tee shirt, a hat or headscarf, a painted moustache, baggy trousers, and a belt, along with a sword or other weapon, a hook maybe, and perhaps a parrot. You can get the whole kit for surprisingly little. As for princesses, most girls already have something suitable!

a few pirat flags help to create atmosphere

a few pirat flags help to create \n atmosphere

That’s About It!

These Pirate Party Tips and Ideas are the result of over twenty five years experience of working as a professional children’s entertainer. I hope you find them useful so as a thank you, please ‘like’ the Professor Paradox facebook page and share it with your friends using the share buttons, or spreading the word on forums or blogs. Have fun, relax, and enjoy that wonderful Pirate Themed Birthday Party!

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