Yer Mean Ol’ Skinflint!

Fancy chaningin’ yer mind – that purchase could have changed yer life, given yer children a wonderful childhood and saved yer marriage, all fer the price of a bag o’ crisps and an ice cream.

Now I know what yer thinkin’ – yer thinking that this book can’t be any good if it’s so cheap, so tell yer what. I’ll let ye have it fer a fairer price. How about if yer pay twenty five Dubloons instead?

That’s only £50.00 instead of the £1.97 I offered for a minute ago. Ye’d probably feel a lot better knowin I got a good price wouldn’t ye?

The Professor Paradox book of Pirate Party Games

Click on the flag to pay only £50.00

If ye really are a bit of a skinflint, ye can click the button below and only pay £1.97

Buy it - go on ...


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