Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply, where relevant, to any individual or organisation booking a performance by Professor Paradox, or any Paradox Theatre production.

Parking and Unloading:  I will need to be able to unload close to the performing area and to park nearby for the duration of the visit. Any parking charges will be added to the fee. Please advise at the time of booking if the performance is in an upstairs room. In some circumstances I may need help with carrying props etc.

Changing Facilities I need somewhere to change, anything reasonable but not the toilets!

Stewarding: Occasionally there are problems during a show; a child gets stung by a wasp, frightened by a dog etc. children start throwing stones at the performer, drunken adults disrupt the show – it’s all happened! You must ensure that there are a minimum of two responsible adults on hand at all times, who can deal with any eventuality that may occur. Stewarding is the responsibility of the venue.  Please note that I do not work with children unless there are other adults present.

Distractions I don’t generally use amplifiers or microphones and the shows involve a lot of audience participation. For this reason I can’t work in a noisy environment eg next to bouncy castles or barrel organs, or at events with  continuous amplified noise.

The biggest problem I encounter at private functions is trying to perform while adults in the room socialise and chat. It completely ruins the show, and I reserve the right to cut short any performance that is being disrupted by extraneous noise.

Please note that I do not do parties in pubs or similar licensed premises

In the case of festivals etc I will use amplification if absolutely necessary but this must be discussed prior to booking.

Weather: If the weather is unsuitable for an outdoor show, suitable shelter must be provided.

Get In and Clear Out Times Depending on the show, venue etc, I need 15 – 40 minutes to set up, and 10 – 15 minutes to clear out. Please allow for this when programming a slot and discuss it with me beforehand if necessary.

Cancellations: Once a booking is accepted I decline other offers of work, including better offers. This commitment works both ways – once you have booked a show, if you cancel before the event, then the full fee is payable, less the travel element. In the case of a performer attending an event that is cancelled, then the full fee is payable including the travel. In the rare event of a cancellation, if I am offered suitable alternative work at a lower fee, only the difference is payable. Please note that contracts, including verbal contracts are legally binding.

Delays: Unless I am booked on a day rate, excessive or unreasonable delays are charged at £20 per hour. If I have another appointment to go to, I may need to cut short a performance without a reduction in fee.

Payment:: Personal cheques are not accepted and for all private functions full payment in cash is due immediately following the performance. For schools, theatres and  organisations cheques are generally acceptable. Alternatively payment my be made by BACS – details on the invoice. If an invoice is required please say so at the time of booking.

Theatres:: Basic sound and lighting facilities and a technical operator must be provided by the venue. The technician must he available for get-in and technical run through, 90 minutes before the start.

Parties at Home: I prefer to perform in halls, but when a performance is held at home please note that I need a reasonable clear space so a large room is essential. Although due care is taken, the shows are active slapstick clown shows designed to be performed in halls and theatres, and it is the responsibility of the person booking the show to remove anything breakable or valuable from the performing area, including electronic equipment etc. If it can’t be moved, cover with a blanket, but note that this is at your own risk.

Merchandising: At events open to the public the performer may offer suitable merchandise for sale without paying any commission to anyone.

Employment:: For employment legislation purposes, all performances are “Acts as Known”, and cannot be booked as an employee of the venue. Invoices must be paid in full..

Extras:: I’m happy to draw raffles, present prizes etc. but do ask before the day. Note that I do not participate in judging

Liabilities:: I have public liability cover for claims up to £10,000,000.  I am not liable for losses due to a failure to perform

Videos. I don’t mind if short sections of a show are recorded for personal use, but if you want to record long sections, or use recordings for any other purpose, please discuss it with me beforehand

Risk Assessment: A full risk assessment has been carried out, and there are no significant hazards to the audience or passing members of the public, provided that the stewards ensure that children only enter the performing area when invited do so. Risk assessment is kept under constant review.

Duration: The agreed duration of performances is an approximate time that may vary a little either way depending on circumstances. The standard length of a show for parties and similar events is approximately one hour. Set up time for parties is around 30 minutes.

CRB and Public Liability Insurance I confirm CRB certificate and public liability insurance are maintained up to date according to current legislative requirements.

Privacy: When booking a show you will be asked to provide a postal address, and other contact details. This is for administration purposes and, will not be retained after completion of the contract

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